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Please join the Labrador Friendship Centre in congratulating these community organizations across our province. These are the successful projects which the Government of Canada will be funding through its Reaching Home Indigenous NL stream:

Connections for Seniors' Indigenous Scope on Program Delivery, St. John's

We will hire an Indigenous professional to ensure our services reflect distinctive histories that underly individual, family and community needs, including First Language support. This project will inform the establishment of organizational policies.

First Light's Indigenous Housing Team, St. John's

We will ensure that Indigenous peoples have culturally appropriate housing options, and develop transitional housing units on our Water Street property.

Newfoundland Aboriginal Women's Network (NAWN), Melkiknay Project (I Am Strong), Stephenville

We will hire an Indigenous Community Navigator to provide marginalized Indigenous peoples the assistance to access housing services and cultural supports.

Ktaqmukuk Hub for Rural Homelessness, Flat Bay Band Inc.

Using our community sustainability approach, we will identify Mi'kmaq who are experiencing homelessness, or at imminent risk, and offer immediate help and connection to home band/community services and referrals to other service providers.

The Housing Hub, Happy Valley — Goose Bay

We will now be open 24/7 to offer support and programming to those in our community who are housing compromised. Clientele primarily require shelter from the elements and our assistance as they seek permanent housing accommodations.

Nunatsiavut's Supportive Living Project houses 3 housing-compromised Indigenous community members with 24/7 staffing.

The Salvation Army Happy Valley-Goose Bay Corps' Reaching Out to Bridge the Gap

Our Outreach worker and vehicle will be parked at sites where people are sleeping rough to provide food, clothing, safety and security, and caring relationships to demonstrate community support.

Mokami Status of Women Council/Women's Centre - Service Expansion Project, Upper Lake Melville Region

We will maintain support networks through technology, COVID-standard transportation for our housing-compromised clientele and hire a community Harm Reduction focused employee.

People of the Dawn Friendship Centre

We will provide basic food security and essentials to individuals struggling to afford suitable housing and who are at risk of imminent homelessness in the West Coast of Newfoundland.

Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation Band

We will ensure Qalipu Band members have assistance with ensuring the longevity and functionality of housing units through emergency repairs and maintenance. As well provide essentials services to families and seniors who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Status of Women Central & Exploits Native Women's Centre

Together in partnership, we will provide support to Indigenous Women & their families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Labrador Friendship Centre

We will be providing 3-4 housing units for low-income families in the Lake Melville area.

Canadian Mental Health Association

We will be operating two programs, one in Central Newfoundland and one in Western Newfoundland.
Our program operating in Central will provide basic services for social determinants of health to clients, support their mental wellness, coping skills for people living with and experiencing mental health related crisis to create 150 home kits that will serve 600 people.

The Western area are operating a program that provides food security, personal hygiene products, and support individuals who are experiencing a financial barrier with housing repairs to create a safe living environment.

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